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Elspeth J Mackenzie at Portobello beach

Elspeth J Mackenzie

Edinburgh artist

Hi there! I'm Elspeth, the person behind the art you see on this site. I've been an artist ever since I can remember and I'm delighted to be sharing my creative journey with you.

I'm all about capturing the beauty of the natural world and our place in it. Those feelgood moments that make you glad to be alive - the fishing boats bobbing in the harbour with the sun sparkling on the water; the freshly picked roses with their delicious scent filling the room; the glimpse of the river between the iron pillars of the Victorian bandstand. Small moments, large vistas and everything in between.


I'm not into just replicating scenes – I'm trying to get my emotional reactions translated into paint.. Think of it like turning nature's beauty into a visual story.


What's my style?

I'd decribe it as a mix of laid-back impressionism and bold expressionism. I like playing with the subtle and the loud, trying to freeze moments in time.. Each piece is a snapshot of the emotions stirred up by the world around us and sometimes also, the people in it.

If you've been part of my journey so far – your support means the world. Whether you're an art collector, a curious browser, or have just stumbled here randomly, take a look around, and hopefully, you find something that speaks to you.

Elspeth J Mackenzie Studio

I am constantly experimenting with various techniques and materials to capture the essence of my subject - from translucent, romantic watercolour on paper to vibrant, expressive acrylics on wood or canvas.


With each work, I aim to create something fresh and joyful - perfect for your home or office.

For ten years I was a lead artist with Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust, devising and leading creative courses for people with long term health conditions. I also ran my own creative workshops. To see people grow and blossom as they discovered their creativity was a very special thing.

I am now concentrating on my own art practice.

Elspeth J Mackenzie skiff rowing in Firth of Forth

Current work

I am now working on a series of new paintings based on my experiences of coastal rowing and inspired by my love of nature, the sea and the spirit of exploration.

I hope that these paintings will bring you the same sense of joy and serenity. I experience when being on the water.

Join me on my art journey

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