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Flying Solo

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Well, no I didn't actually fly - I took the bus. Two buses and a ferry to be exact. (One of the buses was called The ClydeFlyer though.)

And I ended up on Cumbrae, Scotland's "most accessible island".

Sometimes we just need to recharge and relax. I live in the city of Edinburgh, so my ideal getaway is somewhere quiet and peaceful on the coast.

I used to think it was a self-indulgence to take off on my own but now I think it is essential. Taking time to just be - no agenda, rather taking things as they come and pleasing no-one but myself.

The weather here is wild - windy and often wet - but I like that. I had plans to go swimming and rowing, cycling and kayaking. Instead I am reading and sketching and observing. Which, to be honest, is probably what I need right now.

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