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by Edinburgh based Scottish artist,
Elspeth J Mackenzie

Bring a little colour into your home

Come and explore my colourful collection of joyous paintings and prints. Fiind the perfect addition to brighten your home and uplift your spirits.

Whether you’re looking for something just for you or a thoughtful gift for someone special, you’re sure to find something you love right here.

What My Customers Say

Portobello Beach and Row Porty Skiff

"We contacted Elspeth as were on the hunt for a special thank you gift for a fellow coastal rower. She was a joy to work with: clearly understanding what we wanted from our commission - our recipient was super chuffed with the beautiful work! And best of all she didn’t flinch at our tight deadline request! Five stars, thanks so much!

Jane Martin, Coastal Rower, Portobello

Elspeth J Mackenzie, artist
My art is all about evoking positive emotions by capturing a moment of time and place using colour and light.

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